Saturday, July 20, 2013

Snippet Saturday: Boys of Summer

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors select thematic excerpts from their work and share them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is the boys of summer. I've got a swimming / hot springs scene in my fantasy romance A Spell For Susannah where our heroine fears she may have made a mistake taunting Jon Tom, the detective, who is under orders from the Queen to help Susannah learn to be more "charming"...


With a raffish grin, John Tom asked, “What would you do if Sir Hanson came toward you like this? If you were alone at the hot springs with him, and he was six, five, four steps away?” As he counted, he drifted closer to her through the steamy pool. “Show me how charming you can be, milady, under a strain like this.”

Susannah shifted on her seat and strove to appear unconcerned by the direction of his conversation or his approach. He was almost within arm’s reach and the water level inched down his torso. Down his rib cage. Down his abdomen, a hint of black hair trailing below his navel.

“Don’t come any farther out of that water!” Susannah leapt out of her seat and nearly propelled herself into his arms but managed to retain her balance. “I know how to defend myself from overfriendly men, sirrah, and I’m not afraid to prove it.”

“That reaction isn’t going to win Sir Hanson,” Jon Tom said with a laugh, but then his eyes widened as they took in her dripping form. “Holy goddess!”

“What is it?” Susannah said. “A water snake?” She stared at the bank but the ferns were serpent-free.

“Ahhh!” Jon Tom sighed and held his palm to his heart.

“Don’t tell me you’re speechless.” She lifted an arm to shove at her annoying hair when she realized Esme’s yellow swim shift clung to every inch of her torso and every generous line of her hips—and was two shades away from transparent.

With a gasp, she dropped into the curve of the stone seat. Waves sloshed into her face and around Jon Tom’s tight belly. She slumped in the water and wished it were icy, to cool her humiliation.

“Not speechless,” he said. “I’m astounded. Amazed. There’s a difference.”

She smacked her palm on the water and sent droplets arching onto his face. “I shan’t bring Sir Hanson to the hot springs. That will solve the whole problem.”

Jon Tom took another step closer. The cloudy, bubbly water dropped to a dangerous level, and Susannah forced her spellbound attention away from his midriff. She didn’t like the subservience of her position, her head level with his navel, but if she stood, he’d see…everything. Again. Susannah now realized why Esme favored this garment. How in all the civilized lands had she found indecent wool?

He reached out and tweaked a floating tendril of her hair, gazing down on her with unsettling awareness. “A man, when confronted by such riches, cannot help but want a bit for himself.”

“If Sir Hanson has been blessed with riches throughout his Grand Tour, there’s nothing here he couldn’t resist.” Water tickled her neck and her breath quickened.

Any notion of retaining the upper hand when she was this close to Jon Tom’s unclad form slipped right out of her head. She was going to have to get away before he…

Jon Tom lifted an arm to push aside his hair, which pulled his body that crucial inch farther out of the water. A pair of dark, wet trunks clung low on his hips like a second skin.

At that, Susannah did leap out of the water. “You’re a beast!” She splashed water into his face. “Letting me think you were nude.”

“Entirely your own notion, Princess, spawned from your wicked imagination.”

With a mighty shove, Susannah thrust Jon Tom into the hot springs where he stumbled and fell beneath the surface. He rose, spluttering and laughing.

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