Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snippet Saturday: Belong to the City

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors select thematic excerpts from their work and share them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is city life, so I'm sharing an excerpt from my Fae Realm novel, Survival of the Fairest, where our fairy heroine sets eyes on the very human city of Las Vegas for the first time.


Tali’s first taste of the city was a dusty, acrid odor that scraped her throat like sandpaper. She doubled over with coughs, and her heavy backpack shifted off her shoulders and nearly twisted her to the hard, black ground.

“Hella’s teat!” She cursed and hacked until she was gasping for breath. Her overstuffed snood rested like a brick against the back of her neck. The air was hot as Ka. Finally, panting, she straightened and glanced around her.

She’d hassled her survival teammates in the Bitterroot Wilderness until they stormed off and promptly used the fairy ring’s tiny conduit of power to transport here—just like she’d suspected she could do. She’d materialized in a scorching expanse of automobiles with giant buildings lining the perimeter. Alone. Good. If humans had witnessed her abrupt arrival, it would have violated the Policy of Discretion the Court insisted its citizens follow in humanspace. Never let humans see you cast spells. Never let humans know you’re anything other than perfectly…human. Tali could see the wisdom in that.

She shrugged her gear back onto her shoulders. Dang, it was hot! She wished she could knot her skirts, but she should check current human fashions first. Since she was here to blend, it wouldn’t do to appear unseemly.

She saved all her unseemliness for Court, where it was more amusing.

Now that her coughing fit was over, she heard the faint babble of voices and growl of machines on the other side of the largest building. She headed in that direction with a bounce to her step. The sun was repulsive, the smells unnatural, but she was free and unsupervised in one of the most legendary human cities of all. Her heart soared at the thought of it.

On a wave of triumph, Tali skipped between the parked automobiles. Red vehicles, white vehicles, vehicles with giant wheels—there were as many types of autos as there were humans. A flicker of movement at the base of the closest building caught Tali’s eye, and her heart jumped into her throat.

A woman in a maroon vest and trousers emerged through a metal door. She leaned against the wall beside the doorway and lit a small cigar.

Her first human! Tali tried not to jitter with excitement. Instead, she approached the woman and curtsied, the proper greeting between equals in the Realm.

“Fair met,” she said. The female had short hair. Most upper-level fairies didn’t cut their hair. She hoped her long red mop wouldn’t mark her as unusual.

The woman lifted her chin in a nod. “Hey.” Smoke floated out her nostrils as if she were a dragon.

“Would you happen to know where the main avenue is?” One of the reasons she’d chosen Las Vegas for her adventure was because it was a tourist city. Her Realm-tinged accent and irregularities in disguise wouldn’t stand out here.

“Strip’s on the other side of the Trop.” The woman didn’t offer further details, so Tali acted like that was all the information she, savvy human tourist, required.

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