Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snippet Saturday: Author's Choice

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors select thematic excerpts from their work and share them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is author's choice. I just republished my very first piece of fiction ever, an extremely naughty story called "Strip-O-Gram", so today I'm going to share the beginning of it with you.


The things you do for money when you’re flat broke and a real sucker. Otherwise known as a Pisces, Libra rising. Otherwise known as Kitty Bradshaw. Otherwise known as me.

I tightened the belt of my beige trench coat more securely around my waist and watched the numbers on the elevator light up. Two, three, four… My stomach roiled like a morning-after hangover, and the strap on my stiletto sandals bit across my toes. When I fluttered my eyelashes, the thick mascara threatened to glue my eyes shut.

At least then I wouldn’t be able to witness my incipient infamy. My black mask concealed my identity but nothing else; I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need the money so badly.

In for a penny—make that a bunch of pennies—in for a pound.

The elevator stopped on six. The gold-toned doors slid open to reveal the sedate, chilly lobby of Vanishing Breed, the computer software firm where my friend and client, Sandra, worked. Tall ficus plants formed leafy parentheses on either side of the front desk. The receptionist, a slender woman with a silver headset, forced a smile. She had to be at least a little shocked to see a masked, trench-coated woman gallivanting around the building.

“Welcome to Vanishing Breed,” she said. “Can I help you?”

I fumbled out the slip of paper where Sandra had scribbled my instructions.

“I’m here to see Nathan…Gill-ami?” I had no idea how to pronounce the guy’s last name. Sandra said he wasn’t French or anything, just a prick with a secret on-staff girlfriend (despite the company no-dating policy) who’d recently been promoted. By him. I couldn’t remember if I’d met Mr. Guillaume, Sandra’s boss, at the holiday party she dragged me to, but I’d been a little preoccupied that night.

What a night it had been. First I’d realized I was terribly underdressed—one lady and I were the only ones in funky holiday sweaters instead of sequins and glitz. Shortly thereafter, Sandra deserted me for that Rob guy, and I found the open bar. What was I supposed to do? Probably not what I did do, but heck, I didn’t work here.

And yet here I was. Underdressed again. Would he be here? The guy I…met?

“Mr. Guillaume?” the receptionist repeated, pronouncing it correctly.

“Yes, please.”

Suddenly my mask felt transparent, and my palms began to sweat in the black silk gloves. No going back now. Sandra expected me at eleven-thirty and it was eleven-fifteen. I’d done this before, in college, when I needed cash. No big deal. I had the training. I had the experience. I had the mask. Easy money.

“Can I tell him who’s here?” the receptionist asked. She eyed me uncertainly.

“Hmm.” How to answer without ruining the suspense? “Tell him it’s a birthday present. A surprise.”

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