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Snippet Saturday: Sweethearts

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is sweethearts. I thought I'd share a scene near the beginning of my upcoming urban fantasy TANGIBLE from Samhain (May 2013) where the hero uses the word "sweetheart", since that's probably as close as I get to anything resembling the theme!

This scene takes place when the dreamwalker field team is trying to convince Maggie, the heroine, that the monsters who just tried to eat her were real.


“Don’t you think we should let the professionals take over now?”

Zeke laughed. “We are the professionals.”

She pulled a face. “You’re the police?”

“No and we’re not the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, either.”

“FBI,” she said. “CIA. Homeland Security.”

“Tell you what.” Zeke smacked snow and dirt off his jeans. “How about we leave you to it? Call the police, call the FBI. None of them will believe you. Trust me. We deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis. And while you’re waiting on your professionals, wraiths could murder anyone you live with and your neighbors.”

She drew in a quick breath. He’d struck home, all right.

“After that, they’ll circle around and find you. Only we won’t be here to help because you stupidly refused to cooperate.” Even as he tried to offend her, a horrifying thought crossed his mind. My God, if she had kids at home... “Come on, now. We don’t have time to debate whether this is reality TV. Where’s your house?”

She retrieved her cell phone from her pocketbook. Obviously he hadn’t struck home enough. “Why would the cops not believe me? Somebody tried to kill me. I don’t have to say it was vampires. Whose bodies disappeared.”

“Because bodies so often do that,” he said.

Her gaze skittered across the alley as if seeking a logical explanation. A poorly hidden corpse. A cameraman. She inched toward the street, tennis shoes scuffing the snow, and opened her phone. “Who are you people?”

“The people who saved your butt.” Zeke tossed her the pepper spray can, harder than necessary. She dropped her phone in the snow in her attempt to catch the can. “The people who’re gonna cure you of those bad dreams you’ve been having.”

She froze a moment before snatching her phone off the ground. He hoped it had broken so he wouldn’t have to confiscate it. The cops wouldn’t believe her, it was true, but the paperwork he’d have to file with HQ to eradicate police records was a pain in the ass.

“How do you know about my dreams?” Her eyes were wide beneath long lashes, but her expression was more suspicious than grateful to have been rescued from—literally—her worst nightmare. “Did you steal my files from my therapist?”

“No.” He lowered his chin and stared at her hard. “This is what we do. If you’d take us to your house, we can do the rest of what we do.”

“Not until you explain what’s going on.” She shoved her pepper spray into her handbag and inspected her phone. “If this is broken, you’re buying me a new one.”

“Your phone is the least of your worries. Do you live alone? Married? Kids?”

A shadow crossed her expression, but it wasn’t the shadow of a panicky parent. “That’s none of your business.”

She was going to be a hassle. She was already a hassle. He felt sorry for whoever ended up with her.

“Now that your dreams have materialized, it is our business, sweetheart.” As he’d intended, she bristled at the endearment. “You foresaw those vamps last night. We know it and you know it, so quit pussyfooting around. You have a lot of nightmares, and if you ask me, you watch too much TV.”

Happy reading!
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