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Snippet Saturday: Author's Choice

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is author's choice. I thought I'd share a quick excerpt from the beginning of my May 2013 urban fantasy TANGIBLE coming from Samhain, editing a bit for language since I keep my blog PG-13....


Zeke crushed the letter into a ball and hurled it at the wastebasket. He wished he could have crushed the courier, but that would have been killing the messenger, and even he didn’t make a habit of that.

On the other side of the base’s Spartan common room, Rhys glanced up from the sword he was sharpening. “Did you not save money on your car insurance?”

“I’m being reinstated for mentorship.” Zeke leaned against the back of the shabby couch and sighed. A wide-screen television played a nature show quietly in the background. “Next neo that pops up in area scans is mine.”

Rhys laid the sword across his lap, his eyebrows arched in surprise. “You’re kidding me, right?”

Zeke propped his boots on the coffee table. “Wish I was.”

“Why didn’t the vigils tell us when we met to discuss the boundary adjustments?” Rhys jiggled the whetstone. “That’s not a minor decision. They had to have known.”

“Probably didn’t want to hear us argue.” He, Rhys and the other five East Coast sentries had met with Gus Bachman and Adishakti Sharma last week, two vigils from the North American headquarters of the Somnium. “While it does explain Sharma’s nosiness about my mental health, it doesn’t explain why our sainted employers are making such a fooked-up call.”

After the Harrisburg incident a year ago, Zeke figured he’d never mentor a new dreamer again. All the better. He hated that part of the job, and Harrisburg had proven he wasn’t cut out for it. He could scan the dreamsphere. He could geolocate. He could track. He could trance. He could identify signatures. He could dispatch manifestations. He could do all the crucial things dreamwalkers needed to do, even function as an orator when needed. Mentoring, however, was not his forte. Yet here he was, being shoved back into it without so much as a visit from an assessor.

What in the terra firma was HQ thinking?

“Did the vigils send any other stink bombs with the courier?” Rhys asked. HQ used Somnium messengers for certain confidential information, not trusting it to computers, the USPS, and other unsecured delivery methods.

“No, just the official boundary updates and my reinstatement.”

“With the increase in manifestations, we need mentors even worse than we need funding, but not bad enough to put you back on the roster.”

Zeke didn’t argue. It was the truth. “They’re fooling themselves. After what happened I got no business going near a neo.”

“The way it went down, everyone says could have happened to anybody,” Rhys said, watching him. “The Somnium has records of similar instances in the past. Other attacks.”

“Now it’s got one more record. Yay me.” He’d been a cocky fool a year ago, and now he had regrets, a colossal blemish on his record, and a dented brain that would never heal right. Metaphysically speaking.


Turned in the proofs and received the final copies of TANGIBLE just this week! Find out more:

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