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Snippet Saturday: Frenemies

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday's snippet is frenemies. As Ellie Marvel, I wrote a high school reunion tale called "What She Deserves" about two school enemies who were often reluctantly thrown together. Well, reluctantly on the heroine's part! The hero had a different opinion...


Peter picked one more delicacy Winnie might like from the buffet and balanced it atop the heaped plate. It wasn’t Italian food, one of the few things they’d ever agreed on, but it would do. He wouldn’t have cared if she’d come to the reunion wearing sweats and an old Green Day T-shirt, he’d still have thought she was the hottest woman in the room.

But damn, that red dress! That hair! Those breasts, that long, smooth back he was dying to see uncovered. He’d never have guessed Winnie would turn into an outright sex goddess, and he wished he’d been there the past ten years to witness the transformation. Sure, he’d bumped into her a couple times, but call Winnie? Send her an email?

No way. Not until he felt ready.

Tonight, he was more than ready.

In the next room, he set the overfull plate on the bar and motioned for the bartender. “Give me a bottle of Dom, two glasses.” The bartender winked at him and bent below the counter.

No, she wouldn’t be impressed by pretentious alcohol. When she’d noticed his Rolex that had been bad enough.

“On second thought,” he told the bartender, “make it a bottle of the house champagne.”
Winnie wasn’t hurting for cash. She worked for a successful software company that made children’s games, girl stuff, where young female characters solved puzzles and kicked butt.

She didn’t have a Facebook page, but he’d managed to keep track of her from a distance. When they’d crossed paths in Tallwood, she hadn’t been welcoming, and he hadn’t had the guts to plow past that.

Then Sally had started talking ten-year reunion.

His yellow streak, by God, ended tonight in a blaze of red silk. He’d been building up to this night, helping Sally plan the reunion, tracking down alumni, teachers. They’d pored over prom pictures and listened to horrible bands. He’d slotted vacation time next week in case Winnie let him whisk her away to parts unknown.

Or the suite he’d reserved the next town over, in a hotel that wouldn’t be infested by their classmates.

Or the back seat of his Lexus.

He didn’t care, as long as he ended this night buried between her thighs.

Did she feel it too? The tension between them?

It was about damn time. She’d driven him crazy in high school. At the time he’d believed there’d been no reason a girl like her and a guy like him couldn’t be together, and he’d done everything to get her attention. She took AP classes. He busted his ass so he could take them, too. She started a debate team. He joined it.

He’d asked her to the prom when he couldn’t even dance.

In fact, he’d asked twice. The second time, conscious that the clock of their senior year was ticking, he’d practically begged. He’d cracked himself open for her, and she’d only had eyes for that asshole Chase McKnight.

Her eyes. She had the same grey eyes, same direct stare. Same smart, kissable mouth.

She hadn’t noticed him ten years ago. She’d had her reasons. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, all things considered, but the important thing was she’d noticed him tonight. He’d had more than enough experience since high school to know when a woman was intrigued.


You can probably guess how it ends....

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