Friday, October 02, 2009

Simon's Cat is a meankitty, in case you were wondering

The good humans at Hachette contacted me (Meankitty) to see if I'd like to review the book Simon's Cat in his very own book. Moreover, we get to give away a couple paper copies to people or cats who live in the US or Canada. Without further ado, here's my take on the book.


Simon's Cat (hereafter known as SC) is approximately a level 3 meankitty. He seems capable of driving Simon, his human, to his wit's end but does not often delve into the psychotic destructo side of maintaining one's SOHC membership. Brute force is a workable method to keep humans, other cats, dogs, and so on under our paws, it's true, and there's nothing like the shriek of a wounded human in the morning.

However, I cannot recommend enough the sophistication and subtlety of psychological manipulation, which elevates one to an advanced degree of mean. I heartily approve of SC's methodology as revealed in this book, as this is the approach I myself favor. Yet SC doesn't shy away from the occasional blood letting, and it appears that no breakable item in his house is safe. Good work, SC!

There is sufficient evidence in the book to conclude that SC is capable of the registered SOHC techniques of:

--Sleep disruption (human sleep, not cat sleep)
--Karate claw sneak attacks
--Getting In The Way
--Destruction of property
--Wildlife harassment
--Time and location sensitive regurgitation
--Securing the grounds against strays
--Laundry unfolding
--Dog aversion
--Collar, medicine and vet avoidance
--Schizophrenic affection seeking
--Sink habitation
--Computer keyboard manipulation
--Inconsistent food consumption
--Height acquisition

I would give page numbers as references but the book is devoid of such human considerations -- and also of words.

My advice to SC if he wants to attain the next level of meankittydom is to quit being friendly with the wildlife and gnomes. Gnomes eat cats and sometimes the plaster ones are only PRETENDING to be plaster. They are not to be trusted. Granted, SC's determination to mimic a birdhouse in order to get an easy snack is to be admired, but I cannot help but notice that most of SC's less gloriously feline moments come when the poor hairy dude is wandering around outside, like a near-stray.

If you don't win a copy in the contest or want to give one as a gift, Simon's Cat in his very own book is one that meankitties and their humans will definitely enjoy so you should still get it for your cat book collection, which I KNOW you have in a place of honor in your home, right? Both Pink Thing and Loud Thing have been enjoying the pictures in the book, and Pink Thing (age 7), who actually GETS the humor, laughs like a hyena so much that Typing Slave takes the book away from her after about 5 minutes. Small doses.

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Rae Ann Parker said...

Simon's Cat sounds fun. The entire cat book collection at my house consists of Garfield commics. And it's a very large collection.