Monday, June 04, 2007

True Confessions of a Meankitty

I got tagged by Merlin to tell some True Confessions...

1. I am quite capable of sleeping through the night, I just choose not to.
2. I actually don’t WANT to go outside. Fleas and aliens and strays, oh meow!
3. When I hide beneath the bed while the vacuum cleaner is in use, I always puke somewhere.
4. I think Nanny Slave smells good.
5. I often holler and yowl for no reason when I'm near Big D so he'll get in trouble.

Big D:
1. I am allergic to milk, but I'll do ANYTHING to get me summa dat white stuff!
2. Outside the house scares me, but I feel it's important to face your fears. Which is why I always make a break for it.
3. I don't like Loud Thing as much as Pink Thing.
4. My, um, belly bag is starting to flab off the upstairs cat tree when I lay in the top perch.
5. That laser light I was supposedly chasing around like an idiot? Totally faking it.

I am not tagging anybody, but if you want to confess, you can do it in our comments or post a link.



The Meezers said...

Hi Meankitty -we saw you ofurr at Merlin and Dobby's blog. Come and visit us when you gets a chance.

Merri said...

I confess Meankitty that I secretly worship you and want to be just like you when I grow up. NOT! You couldn't beat me up even if my front paws were tied together. I'm a young hunter in her prime. The scourge of small animals in my neighborhood. You are a middle aged house cat who looks like she is getting to be as fat as Big D. Plus you let loud thing steal your toys.