Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is It Hot In Here?

No, it's just me. I'm hot--too hot. Would you like to know why?

The other day Big D expressed his feelings about all the changes and rearrangings going on in our house. These changes and renovations come with some more interesting developments, such as the fact that the slaves tend to go into the Forbidden Land more frequently.

The Forbidden Land is not actually outside. You all know how I feel about going outside. It's fun for awhile, but only as long as you aren't allowed to go and don't get worms. The Forbidden Land is the attic, that fascinating, dark, bug-filled area of fluffy pink stuff, boxes, tubs, tunnels, shelves, boards, baskets, toys, eaves, and other items generally high on the feline amusement scale. A day or so after Big D complained about the rearranging, I managed to enter the Forbidden Land when Typing Slave was attempting to drag a chair into the attic while yelling at Pink Thing not to let Loud Thing get anywhere near the stairs. Her fear for her beloved kits distracted her just long enough for me to.... Skit!

Much chasing and cussing ensued--which weren't the proper words to say in Pink Thing's hearing--but I was triumphant. I avoided her.

And she locked me in.

It was, shall we say, fun only at first, much like the outside. Then I realized it was hot. Too hot. Nasty hot. My photo was taken after I'd been lured back into the house by the rattling of kitty treats and the seductive call of "Kitty kitty kitty kitty!"

D might think the chill, stark tiles of our kitchen are uncomfortable, but I find myself rather fond of a tile-sprawl after enduring 100+ degree heat for longer than I had planned.

Note to SOHC members: If you plan a trip to your own Forbidden Land, make sure you have an exit you can access without waiting on the stupid human to release you.



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Tom said...

Hey MK:
I've always thought you were hot!

Love ya babe,


Irishcoda said...


we like to get into the attic too!